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Cyndie Widmer studied Fine Art, Illustration and Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, graduated with a Degree in Advertisiting in 1980. In 2003, after a 20-year hiatus from oil painting while developing her Graphic Design company, Eclipse Design Group, Inc., she began studying at the Washington Studio School located in Washington, DC and reclaimed her passion for painting.




1981 - 1990


Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Various design studios in Washington, DC.

1991 - Present


Owner of Eclipse Deisgn Group, Inc., a full service graphic design studio. Clients include local and national accounts. Logo Design, Corporate Identity Packages, Brochures, Package Design, Website Design, Retail Catalogs and Greeting Cards.




Cyndie's greatest passion is in painting the figure but her fondness for nature attracts her to painting the landscape, "en plein aire." She also gains inspiration from still life, especially simple everyday objects positioned oddly to create an abstract composition. Her oil paintings explore her quest for the inter connectedness of light, color, value and shape and how, through their relationship to each other, uniquely form the composition. Cyndie's graphic design background enhances her sense of composition. She finds great pleausre in pursuing movement in all of her subjects, and the play of shadows, as is evidenced in her work. The pieces are also about the beauty of the paint itself - its viscosity, its rhythm and the sense of movement created by the stroke.


She exhibits yearly at the Washington Studio School and at her studio in Brinklow, Maryland.


20025 New Hampshire Avenue • Brinklow, Maryland 20862 • 301.570.1170


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